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Hello again

Post by poodoo »

Howdy folks,

Nice to be back again after 4 years. Just wondering if there's any new areas my 78 mentalist can hunt solo. I've seen a few folks in-game here and there, but doesn't seem to be a lot of folks to group with in SDC2. Being this is one of few areas I can get exp and skill.. I've attempted to hunt here by myself several times and was defeated quite quickly. I assume this is not a very mentalist friendly area. Is there someplace else that is soloable by a ment or should I create another crit that would be better suited to gnome area and such?
I've been playing drakkar off and on since 1993, originally my mentalist name was bigbelcher. I was in MoY, Blood, and more recently Myth guilds. I remember fun times hunting in nork, maeling (for majors hahaha) km4 and km5.. all the cool lair hunts we did back then, hangin out with Blackjack in Enork was fun too. Killing the duke in aleria was a blast .. I believe it was Piledriver that took me on that hunt if I remember right. I took a break from Drakkar from 1998 to 2004 and shortly after I came back, it was Hwang and Fatwill that inducted me into MYTH and introduced me to Nameless lands. Very cool stuff has been added to the game since I started playing all those years ago. If anyone needs a mentalist in SDC2 and SDC3 areas please drop me a line in the chat room.. just shoot me a tell to Poodoo ... I'd love to see the new areas and have to opportunity to learn there as well.

Skelly (formerly BigBelcher) ;)

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Re: Hello again

Post by JadeAmber »

I cannot answer your question. But, Welcome back

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Re: Hello again

Post by Merlin »

Having worked through all of the content in the game on a high level mentalist (85/40 currently) I can advise you that, the area is huntable solo as a mentalist, however it is not easy.

When I left the game, the area had significantly been nerfed from its former self.

But having worked every other character to 85/40 it is alot easier to partner with some melee classes in a 'supporting' role.

Mentalists have a hard time, but not nearly as hard as a thief.
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Re: Hello again

Post by Skip »

Have ya tried the SDC3 dungeon, SW of town (over by the sharks) ?

Sometimes referred to as the agil or solo dungeon - should be easier than sdc2, but less exp per kill.

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