Map of Nork ... a cry for Help!

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Map of Nork ... a cry for Help!

Post by flisk »

Greetings all,

I'm looking for an old map of Nork. This is one that, as best I can recall, originated from MPGN days back when Drakkar was in Key West.
This is not a fan made map of Nork that uses in game graphics.
This would have been a physical illustrated map like how Aleria and Cobrahn have (not in similar drawing style, just that it was a physical map).
This map of Nork would have been about the size of a legal sheet of paper, white on the back, and I think the front was in full color.
It had kind of a theme park map look to it; you know how many theme park maps have neat big buildings, have that hand drawn look to them? Yeah, this map of Nork was like that.
Again, it's NOT a fan made map of the town, this was something they had professionally printed and gave out.

Anyone have one of these?

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Re: Map of Nork ... a cry for Help!

Post by Wolverine2 »

I have looked hard and long for that kind of map (because I was contributing to the Wiki), and as far as I found, none were around. There is one sort of close to it, but pretty blurry, on the Seville mirror (on WOLF's website), but other than that, I personally have never seen anything else like it. I'd be interested as well to get one. There is a map of just Nork Town that I have no clue who made it on the wiki under Nork. Infinity posted it though, so I have absolutely no clue who made it, but it looks like it was the original idea of Nork, so maybe Infinity will get you closer to solving the mystery.

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Re: Map of Nork ... a cry for Help!

Post by Omni »

post it to the facebook group Flisk
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