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There is an inconsistency which I am hoping Brad or the sysops can clear up for me.
I have a computer that is on all the time, and when I am not in game Ii like to stay logged in the lobby when I'm not around, so II can come back and read the chat.
For the past few months, I have been logged out of the lobby, back to the login screen, at inconsistent periods of time. Sometimes it's 5 minutes, sometimes it's 10 minutes, and sometimes during the day, not at all.
I wonder if this is a game feature that was recently put in, or if the sysops are instructed to automatically kick out people who are logged in the lobby but not in game.
I have spoken to other people, and some are logged in the lobby for days without being kicked out.
I request that all accounts be left in lobby when not in game, since that shouldn't put on any undue load on the server. I really would like to follow the chat that is going on in the lobby when I'm not around, and especially important sysop message or announcements.
Thank you

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Re: Puzzled

Post by Mars »

I occasionally get kicked out of lobby too. Strange part is, it is usually only one account, not all.

I'll talk to Brad and see if he can figure out why. I can guarantee there isn't a feature that kicks you after x amount of idle time.

I'm like you, I like to read the chat I miss when afk.

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