an ex- drak player dropping by.

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an ex- drak player dropping by.

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Hey everyone,

I quit Drakkar in 2005 I believe. It's been a long time since then. I used to use the name art1 in this forum and was in ZAND. I had a lot of fun searching through this forum other night and reading some of my old posts. I am truly embarrassed by some of those posts. All those nights farming and what not sure was something ... but quitting drakkar was definitely the best decision I took that year. It was an experience and filled with lots of bitter/sweet memories. I see a few familiar accounts in this forum that played then as well. To those who I have offended, perhaps I could have handled it better if I was more matured then as I am today. To those who did remember me and was a friend, hope you guys are doing well in your lives and happy where ever you are. Wish this community the best of luck.


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Re: an ex- drak player dropping by.

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Hey Artt.

I tried looking you up a while ago, i think i may have your brother on msn? or something. not sure, haha. What're you doing these days? playing any games?

Good to see you.

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Re: an ex- drak player dropping by.

Post by Perish »

Art man I hope you browse this and email me. Would like to speak with you, if would email me at

Hope you are doing well and for sure we need to hook up before d3 release. My guild in wow is ranked #1 on my server lol you would have been proud, But I quit playing wow cpl years ago. I named it Doom in honor of drakkar legacy though (miss my guardian rings, Khelben, and my healer idol Shaihulud), and it is still going strong almost 5 years now :) Anyways I need to figure out who was playing my account last so I may reclaim it. Any assistance from anyone in the community that knows who opertated it last would be very appreciated. I think it may of been Bertster but alas I have lost his contant info. If anyone out there has any information please email me.

TY all

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