The little and the large

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The little and the large

Post by Doro »

Minding my own business I was, honest!

Running some trials in ML with my barb and decided to look around for some potions.
Went back to alt1 SF and decided to have a little fun in the lobby asking questions and giving out the pots as rewards.

I really don't know how it happened, but I was showered with potions from all sides, just about filling my sack. So now I have a problem . . . thinking up quiz questions.

Suggestions on a postcard in less than 20 words please (not in this forum obviously).

PM me plz




PS the little and the large title relates to the prize size; varying from a major to a 25meg cashier's cheque (since discovered in a deepeye sack in Maeling cave).

PPS There will be more potion hand outs after I have had time to think of some "interesting" tasks as well as quizzes.

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