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When contacting a Sysop

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Here's a guide on how to contact a Sysop. If you want to send a PM just for the sake of chatting that's fine, we are usually more than happy to chat with everyone but do know that if we are not responding to you; it could be due to a variety of reasons, we may be AFK, helping other players, etc. However, if you do need help here is the best way to get that help; it will make our task easier and you will get your answer faster.

1) Do not PM more than once about a problem. We see the first PM and try to get to it as fast as possible. Sometimes we are Away From the Keyboard (AFK) and cannot possibly answer your PM right then and there. Other times it takes us time to research the problem to find a fix (searching through logs, speaking with other players involved, etc).

2) If a player is facing a problem, only the player should PM. Don't tell your friends or guild mates to page.
Example: Player X needs help; player X should be the only one to PM. No need to get other PMs from other players saying that Player X needs help. It'll just make our PM list longer, waste our time and it'll end up taking longer to answer your PM and fix your problem.

3) Don’t PM a Sysop to ask simple questions like what monster spawns where and what it drops; what's the requirement on an item, can we give you items, gold, etc. We won't answer these questions.

4) When you send a PM, let us know what you need. If you have a bug, include that in the PM, if you're stuck, say that you are stuck. Don't page saying "Help" and simply leave it at that.

Following these rules will make our job way easier and we'll be able to answer PMs in order of importance. Also know that sometimes the only thing we can do is direct you to email the bug, issue, or problem to help@drakkarzone.com. We are not trying to fluff off the issue because we do not want to help you; it's just that some problems need more research done and an email is the best way to get that taken care of; not to mention that when an email is sent a solid record of the problem is then cataloged, PMs can be accidentally closed.


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Replying to Topic 'When contacting a Sysop'

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Don't PM and say "Can I ask a question" Just ask it <G>
try to avoid 1 sentence PMs, if you need to tell us something, type away and send when done, it's distracting when we are dealing with multiple things and having to read one sentence at a time

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Re: When contacting a Sysop

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From now on, I will pm you with one word at a time. =)

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Re: When contacting a Sysop

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post here under an alias and remind help@drakkarzone.com that you are in fact, eager over eagley

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