Whats the score?

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Whats the score?

Post by Merlin »

Whats the score with Mjorin?

Does the portal now erase Nameless Discs?

Are we allowed to go and just not use them?

Anyone up for a venture here?

Thats like having nameless teirs available to use in nork and just *not* using them beacuse its out of whack/over powerd or what ever.

I suppose they are kind of restricted in a way already, in the sense that you have no EP regen gear and the amount of EP required by the new discs is high, so you could only cast a full round of them once or twice maybe, (for ments atleast, other classes vary)

I'm all for not using them by the way, I just think if something isnt allowed to be used it should be made un-available in the specified scenario. Because other than reading the forums, how would a player know that this is not allowed?

Oh by the way, you haven a new ability to stop DeathSasquatch hitting you, but please dont use it because I said so, despite the fact its been available to use for years. See what I'm getting at?
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