Transport Pads - Lets start next to Jil?

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Transport Pads - Lets start next to Jil?

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Refuge now exits to the Nameless Jil NPC, so I would suggest placing a new transport pad within a few hexes (for your Subscribers). Convenience is one of the benefits to being a subscriber.

I suggest a Subscriber Only transport pad be:
  • Platinum Subscribers: takes you to UPPER Guild Hall
  • Gold Subscribers: takes you to LOWER Guild Hall
  • Silver Subscribers: takes you to the Nork portals.

PS. Of course, making the transport destination be customizable by the subscriber would be even better, but that can be for a later day. Two ideas that immediately came to mind were:
  • Use a pad pop-up, with approved destinations, each time you step on this new pad
  • Maybe in the Guild Hall, add a new Blue NPC named "Pad Control" that overrides pop-ups. And has additional future benefits like,
    • checking Guild Hall Only pads for if the destination is online before stepping on it, or
    • allows you to choose from a list of Alts, Crazies, or Event servers, or
    • allows access to platinum only servers, like for platinum events?

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