Autosearching for Subscribers

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Autosearching for Subscribers

Post by curiousredmonkey » Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:13 pm

Since Platinum coins are here to stay.

Offer Subscribers a special feature. Auto search only your kills. And pocket those coins.

Note: If you cannot differentiate player kills, while a player is in a party, then auto search has limited value. Its value consigned to solo play. However, if you can make that distinction while partied...

Auto Search any kill the Gold or Platinum subscriber makes.:
  • Never searches a player corpse.
    • Gold subscription:
      • Only searches your kills that land on your hex.
      • Greatly reduces the number of corpses you have to search.
    • Platinum subscription:
      • Moves your kills to your hex and auto searches them.
      • No more having to manually search any corpse.
      • No more having to find a corpse that has died off screen somewhere.
    Note: It was easy to add a bunch of cool features to this. I would not. Bringing parties into the mix, when not able to differentiate the kill, made too many precedence and conditional checks. Creating a new "Auto Box" window, like the Ground window, into the design made too many conditionals too. Creating cool buttons that offer additional features to "Transmute" and "Divvy" had to die, because the "Auto Box" window brought too much coding into the feature.

    Note: If you are able to detect that a corpse is from a Boss NPC. Then I would exclude that corpse, like player corpses. I do not consider this a deal breaker if you cannot.


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