Progression/Challenge server

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Progression/Challenge server

Post by max|pic »

Hello Brad,
This is another shout back to challenge nork of sorts. I have been playing everquest a bit here and there and they have been having a good amount of business for the progression servers. I was thinking how about reopen challenge nork with a bit of a twist. If it is done how I describe below it will create a fair environment that everyone can all enjoy and return to that can be separate from free game or paid main game.
First of all. Open up Nork with silver subscription needed and quirks enabled.
You would start out at level 1 without any gear or anything in the new scenario and your new characters would not be able to go back to the "regular drak"
The max level for the time being would be level 50. Maybe eventually we could do a primal form of this keeping nork and cob to raise the level.
Differences on the server are as follows:
1) All subscription types are able to gain quirks to a max of 20 a day. You can click on an NPC at the beginning of the day to gain 10 quirks and then you can gain another 10 through slugging along.
2) There are no exp or hp bonuses for any type of subscription. Everyone is seriously on an even footing
3) A max of 3 accounts per IP. This makes it so that people will not just create 10 accounts and solo all the content or run 5 peoples accounts and solo all the content. 3 is enough that you can solo a lot of stuff, but you cannot do quite everything.
4) UGH hp and ep sellers will sell to any subscription.
5) HP quests will be given to increase the hps of the players. At lvl 15 you will be able to complete a quest to give 50 hps. At lvl 20 you will be able to complete one for +100 hps in nork and an additional quest for +100 hps in cob. The same goes for lvl 30, 40, and 50. Then after those have been completed you can complete a +300 hp quest in nork. So you get 100 at 15, + 150 at 20, 150 at 30, 150 at 40, 150 at 50, and +300 at 50 for +1000 hp boost in cob or 600 hp boost in nork. After those quests you can complete another quest if you have CH for +100 hps and one in CC for +100 hps that transfer to nork as well as cob for 800 in nork and 1200 in cob.
This is to help mitigate the auto attack that made non barbarians useless in lairs in challenge nork and to make up for the loss of gold hps. With auto hit, even a fire giant could one shot a lvl 50 healer max hps with gold hps before.
6) All scenarios (nork, aleria, cob) should be fast speed with the exp boost such as the sped up cob.
7) Instead of automatically being able to bring back equipment from cob you have to talk to an NPC in CC. For him to make the item be able to travel to nork he requires the item in question, 1 vani axe, and 1 25 meg check. Then the item is attuned to go back to nork.
8) Nork only should be open for 2 months. Then aleria should be opened. Two months after aleria is opened, cob should be opened.
9) It would have to be a PERMANENT, PERMANENT scenario.
After that point, maybe 18 months down the road after cob is opened, brad could look at making a brand new expansion for the server.
When challenge nork was up, it was very successful while it had support. It only started to slip when it failed to have any support.
I don't know if anyone else would be interested in that, but it is very easy to do on your end Brad. It would bring in customers, and personally, it is the only way I can see myself playing again. I myself got tired of the pay to win with the platinum subscription and need to run 5 and 6 accounts. You lose nothing by not doing nothing, but you could be gaining people returning to the game if you do this. This type of scenario would put everyone at even footing and wouldn't penalize those with less time very much because you can get 1/2 your daily quirks just for signing in.
If anyone still reads these forums, please post your thoughts and lets have a discussion.

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Re: Progression/Challenge server

Post by ElucidDZ »

There is definitely some version of this that could be really fun. Everquest is about the only game I've played longer than Drakkar (I actually discovered Drakkar when Frozboz was promoting it on the Fires of Heaven message boards). The EQ guys laid out a solid blueprint for how to structure one of these nostalgia-fueled challenge servers. The aspect of locking it down by ip a-la the TrueBox EQ servers was incredibly popular for them. Keeping everyone on an equal playing ground saw thousands and thousands of unique concurrent users logging into a nearly dead game.

Obviously the scales of people would be different here but the concept remains strong. People like to compete in nostalgia-fueled races without feeling like they are outgunned by the person running 15 boxes. Locking it down so that Aleria and Cob open in some discrete windows also gives people not quite at the bleeding edge some time to get to a reasonable size so they don't feel like they can't compete for the entire race because they had a slow start.

I like the idea. As someone who has played on numerous EQ progression servers over the years, I've seen how it's so easy for them to put some small variations on the concept and keep spinning it over and over again to get massive numbers of people to come back for "1 more spin" around the game.

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Re: Progression/Challenge server

Post by BlackmooreEDGE »

I like the idea and if it helped bring some guildies back i'm in.

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Re: Progression/Challenge server

Post by Lucky2 »

I really like this idea I think it could help to bring back some of the older players too.
The challenge server was a lot of fun for us and to see it brought back and permanent would be awesome brad feedback please!
Darge: I mean, it's not really my style, but I'm sure I can find someone to bend you over real nice like if it's what youre looking for


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Re: Progression/Challenge server

Post by Nevyn »

CNork was a hell of a lot of fun, I'd do it again in heart beat. Let me know if this becomes a thing and I'm in. Refuge just did/does not draw/keep my interest.

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Re: Progression/Challenge server

Post by Mantorok »

I was about to say I'd pay if we limited it to one account per player, but then I got to thinking about autohit again.

Even with HP quests, I don't see anything other than barbarians being great in Nork. Other classes need real survivability, or at least need to be able to bring something to the table that makes the constant risk of being one-shotted worth it.

Take autohit out. The reasons barbarians got a ton of HP before was because being berserk lowered their defense and they'd need to take hits. With autohit, it's like everyone has the downside of being berserk without the upside of increased HP, damage, resistances, etc.

No autohit and no boxing, and I'd pay.

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