Berserk Icon - Adding Zerk State

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Berserk Icon - Adding Zerk State

Post by curiousredmonkey »

It would be great if the berserk icon told you its state, in a tool tip; when you moved your mouse over it. Other icons tell you how long it is until they expire, in a tool tip, so this could be easy.

Currently, berserk can change state without you ever knowing, because NPCs can calm the Barbarian. A tool tip would be a great first step in knowing if you needed to zerk up again.

However, if the icon had a red fill that indicated zerk state, then no mouse move would be needed. You would know at a glance. For a current example of a fill icon, see the NPC hearts' state, as they take damage.

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Re: Berserk Icon - Adding Zerk State

Post by seiyria »

This would make it much less frustrating to play a Barb. One thing that always bugs me is when I play in a zone where I get de-zerked by creatures, and all of a sudden I'm not frothing at the mouth so I die because I can't vamp. Having something like this would give me a much better indicator of my zerk status.

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