SK Thief backstab useless - so ideas?

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SK Thief backstab useless - so ideas?

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1) Make NPC armor class more vulnerable to thief attack or backstab.
2) Increase auto-hide upon armor block and misses.
3) Create a new thief tier that holds one target in place (they cannot move).
4) Create a new weapon with the strangle ability on it. This would hold the target in place and do damage for 10 rounds. [It would add fun, in combo with thief backstab].
5) Create thief-only tier traps. Make them traps that do Mentalist's "Advance" tiers.
6) Add a new wearable item that has any of the above upon it. [Note: When I tested the sullen keep thief amulet last month it did not work. At all!]

Observations when playing ...
Solo: Sullen Keep thief backstabbing takes forever and has become death. Even at skills 41-42 (and xp 90-94) the thief gets 90% armor blocks. And so, will often die because they become seen after a miss or armor block. This makes a thief's kill time of 1 SK NPCs around 2 minutes. Putting aside armor blocks for the moment, NPCs run away from a hidden thief. So, when the thief re-hides they then have to re-find the target and hope that their backstab connects before the target is out of range again. And lastly, even with maxxed out quirks, the thief still cannot one shot the NPCs (like in earlier scenarios at high xp and skill).

Partied: Die often, but not as often as in solo mode. The party abilities help but there are still no one shots or high percentage auto-hides. But at least in a party you are cc'd soon, so kill time is 1-2 minutes. Note that this is much slower that any other class, but may be as intended.

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