Increasing activity

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Increasing activity

Post by luckyman »

I've seen a lot of posts about this in the past few years and I've seen several attempts over the years but we always end back in the same spot.
It's sad to see Drakkar in this state of affairs after so many years of being online.

What happened to all the skill/exp bonus events and the increased speed events? What about crazy nork or the original crazy cob where you could start fresh at 18/15? I know many players that greatly enjoyed both. What would it take to get one of these up and going again?

Is it possible to restructure the payment system for Drakkar? As someone who runs 4+ accounts when I am active it is not viable for me to subscribe to platinum for all my accounts as much as I would like to and without a strong player base I can not drop to just one account or my growth would be greatly stunted. Could we run nl2 more like nl where it a one time fee to purchase? I understand maintaining servers and keeping this game up and running costs money but if we structure the cost in a more reasonable way we could attract some of the older players that have left to come back.

Is there any new content in the work? As a programmer I do understand the time it takes with smaller groups to get things rolling but do we have an idea of things to come? From a player stand point is there anything to be done that could help out?

When will the level/skill cap be increased again? Many players are burned out due to the fact that their favorite character has no more room to grow. Can we set a cap that will not be so quickly reached by some of the more avid players?

It would be nice to see sysop input on the matter with their thoughts on where drakkar is going from here.

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Re: Increasing activity

Post by Mars »

well, there is an exp/skill bonus event going on right now, so yes those still occur from time to time
The challenge scenarios crashed awhile ago and it is not possible at this time to bring them back
Yes, Brad and Omni are working on new things, these also take time

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Re: Increasing activity

Post by Mantorok »

I think the real concern is what can be done to attract/keep new players.

Attracting? No idea.

Keeping? Still, no idea. The game has a very steep learning curve, especially by today's standards. I am a living tutorial and I can't even get my friends to play. I've pitched a few ideas over the years to make the game more approachable to new players, but have gotten little feedback.

Also, refer to the myriad threads already discussing this.

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