Looks like Drak is Dead and Brad let it die

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Looks like Drak is Dead and Brad let it die

Post by max|pic »

Considering the majority of the accounts left playing past few months belong to 4 people with 2 to 3 leaving relatively soon (2 weeks for myself) it is relatively safe to say drak is dead... And I don't see how it is cost effective now to even run the game anymore, even with brad putting 0 time into it, still need to pay the bills.

Several things have happened to help get drak to its current predicament.
Summer time
Brad not listening to customers
Brad making areas so only boxers could hunt
Brad overpricing and then taking out the 2 months for 30$ platinum thing
Brad not putting new content in for the boxers that are his only remaining customer base
Brad listening to SirTravis

Brad had a lot of support for primal nork in forums that people would have enjoyed but refused to get off his great big plan for the rift, which, most of drak hates the idea of
Would primal nork have made everyone happy, no.... But it would have bought brad more time and given him more money and bought him more patience with his player base, but I guess it is what it is.

I have enjoyed playing drakkar for the past 16 years, I know others have for longer, and some not as long.
But we all came back, and its not because we want some hardcore game that requires 4 or more accounts to play, but because of the joy we had when we played back when the game was populated.

I personally have sent brad various ideas from a business standpoint, but none have been implemented because it is not something brad feels like doing. Another thing brad doesn't feel like doing, as stated previously is listen to his players. He wants one thing, his players want another. He decides he will stick to what he wants and push 2 or 3 players a way at a time until this is where we are.
In a month or two you will have 1 player paying for 14 accounts? at silver a month.

Who knows, maybe I am wrong and people will start flocking back to a dead game in a few months, but drak has been dying for a long time because of the choices brad has made

This post will probably be deleted by brad... Well, actually not because he doesn't actually read his own forums...
Ok, this post will probably be deleted by Mars... Well, that is if he starts even signing in again, game has been so dead even the fearless Jord has called it quits pretty much recently.

Well, This was my long winded way of saying, bye drakkar...

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Re: Looks like Drak is Dead and Brad let it die

Post by poodoo »

Very Sad ;(

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Re: Looks like Drak is Dead and Brad let it die

Post by Mars »

posts/threads are not deleted unless they violate rules.
This post does not

btw, I'm not signing in this week because I am traveling and for the past 3 days no internet.

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Re: Looks like Drak is Dead and Brad let it die

Post by curiousredmonkey »

Sad indeed. But it has never been treated like a business. Just a project. And projects get attention when other projects don't.

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Re: Looks like Drak is Dead and Brad let it die

Post by nonametruckdr »

I agree I think primal nork should have been given hard consideration. Things slow in drak every summer but this summer has less people visible in lobby. I would love to see a response from Brad about this. I understand things do cost money but if ya not listening to the player base you will loose that base. Please Brad give us a reason to stay or at least an update on something those of us that play have not seen you or heard nothing about any new content. Well that is my penneys worth of thought. Mars being on a vacation is nothing new either enjoy it Mars :mrgreen:

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Re: Looks like Drak is Dead and Brad let it die

Post by Skip »

I still play a couple hrs on Wednesday nites.

Definitely need some new content that can be played -

as well as uncapping from Level 85, and skill 40

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Re: Looks like Drak is Dead and Brad let it die

Post by Wolverine2 »

I went in lobby once and had a nice chat with someone about how dead it is... Pretty dead.

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