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Post by Migam »

I've asked about changing the paperdoll so its scaleable and I guess that's not easy. Could you at least make it smaller permanently when you one day update the FE? Right now, it's 40% of the height of the FE and that's overkill. I do need to see gear to click res helm and make sure I have the right gear for where I'm going.

I can only do 1680x1050 on this monitor and playing 2 accounts, I keep this window under the macro bar and can barely see the armor/robe slots and if I have any event like PM, irc convo, download ending, etc., the autohide of my toolbar ends and blocks this area completely and happens to pick the timing when I'm about to repair gear. I can't move the whole FE up anymore on Windows 7 cause it either springs back down again or maximizes the whole FE and covers the other FE.

Yeah, I know an outside prog can take care of my needs but we're not allowed to use it so that's not an option for me.
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Re: Paperdoll

Post by Mantorok »

It is kind of big, and while the rest of the windows have gained the ability to scale in size, the paper doll window remains large. While I usually enjoy looking at my Underground Dweller with his foot up on a rock like he runs the place, having the option for a scaled-down paper doll would be nice. Maybe cut out all of the artwork, reduce the window size, and just have the equipment slots shown around it?

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Re: Paperdoll

Post by Brad »

hmmm i'll thunk on that.

The old gui doesnt have easy scaling.. i did the others by actually counting pixels.

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