Appearance customization

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Appearance customization

Post by Mihey »

You want ideas that make Drakkar fun? Here you go.

Here is the one that will require a new frontend and a lot of images.

Basically, allow for character's appearance customization.

Let's start small. Personal appearance - hair, skin, basic cloth - should be customizable at the character creation.

Next, equipped gear would also change the appearance; helmet, amulet, top robe, armor, sash, boots and gauntlets, not to mention the bracers. Rings are too small.

This should not be too difficult; create sprites for each of crit's facing, put them onto the "frame" where they are supposed to be, define layering - robes over armor, etc.

And of course allow customization of equipment - change robes appearance (color), etc.

Nicer graphics - we want shiney stuff! The higher enchants the equipment/weapons has, the more it shines!

You would not believe how many people love to "dress"... ;)

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Post by Meric »

Character depiction based on what you are wearing is a lot harder then it may seem. As for the prettier items, brad has already brought some great animated items into the game, So hes already starting to look after you guys in that respect. =)

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Post by Astra »

good ideas mihey! not sure how feasible they are though. I personally would love for some of the new FE items to be changed back to how they looked like on old FE. (reggie and easter robe come to mind). I don't mind really about the appearance of the gear however, I am reasonably happy how it is.

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Post by Yeti »

playing dress up rules

err, did i just say that?...

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Post by Morgar »

Its a nice idea, but mostly cosmetic in nature. If changes are going to be made to the FE, I'd like see some of the long time problems fixed. The darkness/illusion/area effect combinations are really annoying. I just spent 30 minutes sitting in a continual illusory fire in undead 2 thanks to darkness cast by a crit.

The old FE graphics are 8bit graphics and probably no useable by the new fe without undergoing a conversion to 24bit graphics. But I too would like to see some of the older images brought back.

Useful Drakkar files for Heros and Cowards:

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Post by Sadie »

Bring back the pub, I want a table again!!! :sarc

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Post by makoosh2 »

I remember reading something a long time ago, were brad mentioned he would eventually add something in that would customize your crits... like a backround you could change, or something else. Cant remember exact words and stuff.... Anyone know what im talking about? This use to be on a guild website, was a olllddddddd conversation were everyone on could ask brad like one question and someone asked about customization and he said in the future it was HIGHLY likable it would happen. Anyone remember something like this?

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Post by Ragnoker »

This is an edited version of the meeting Brad had not too long ago. Not too far down Brad did mention what you are speaking of Makoosh.

April, 9th... 8pm EDT

**** LIVE MODERATED CONFERENCE WITH BRAD - the maker and owner of Drakkar! ****

( Edited by Ragnoker_PHNX )


Brad: wlecome
i'd like to start with some opening comments
about what i'd like to see accomplished here
first of all, in addition to you picking my brain, i'm here to pick yours
so, i may fire questions back to you, for YOUR opinion of what needs to happen, instead of
just making up my own ideas
My view of drakkar now is a product i want to expand out into the future, so i'm currently
looking for ways to "blow the top"
off the game, giving me open level and skill expandability. This includes larger maps,
new scenarios, more experience and skill levels, and more items which can
affect more of your character. (and of course nasty creatures guarding them)
To that end, i'm here to answer your questions, and get feedback fromyou, as much as you
are here to ask me questions

Terrel: brad, made this suggesttion before..any chance of a weekly update on what u r working
on? short term, long term? would really help to keep negativity down, methinks

Brad: yes, unfortunately i thought the chats i was having in the conference room was doing that,
but i'm going to need to do something formal. Perhaps something on my home page with a
current list of stuff i'm working on,pondering and planning

Martialarts: Is there any fine tuning in the skills area?

Brad: you mean remaining? oh yes definetly, in fact, maybe one more big overhaul with how i cap
gain .. also i need to bring cobrahn PSI skill up to par with weapons skill

Cobra: since MAs can now pool off of cob quest hps, is there any plan to let barbs pool again?
even if it's just in cob?

Brad: hmmm .. I am not sure, i dont remember what all that did. I've heard people talking
about it though.. let me just say lets see what all it would affect/ruin. haha

Emily: Not realy a question, more of a suggestion... I would like to see more personalization
and individuality, for example, a choice of character on-screen icons. (plenty of
volunteers here who will gladly make the art). Also, maybe in the future,
more multi-classing, besides just F/M...
Of course it's understood that testing would need to determine if any would unballance..

Brad: yes, one thing i'm investigating withsilvar, etc (and some original artists), is more
my current idea is this: A new char picture at level 20, 30 and 50
then, if we can, individualize the art more

ABKThor1: We all have our view of how we should be progressing skill wise. Could you give us
your view in general terms of how you see skill prgressing maybe with say time to
skill 15 and then time to 20?

Brad: my goal is a min of 1% per hour at the higher levels, doing correct hunting (efficient)..
I would
sorry for the delay
got distractec
okay, i would like to see 1%per hour minimum, solo play
much higher at the lower levels
at SL 15, i'd like to see about 3%
but never want it to fall below 1% even at higher levels (post 40)
right now, we have solo players getting 3% at level 20 skill, and partied geting much
higher.. its a big rift between people
some say thay cant get 1%, others say they are getting 3.. so its definetlysomething we
will be tuning

Mars: Brad, we would like to see the online user list alphabetized

Brad: haha yes.. so would i. I think thats actually doable

UFO8myDOG: why is it ok to kill a thief if it steal but not ok for a thief to kill a spell
caster if they cast ice or fire in a hunt place if u are in hide

Brad: hmmm
basically, if a thief steals from someone, they are intentionally trying to steal from
them, so they can defend themselves if caught
the second case is just an accident
If i'm understanding yhou right


Arithawn: I would like to know if there is a way to tie a kill to all people in a party in
case the party creator nodes and also happens to have the kill shot if they don't
make it back the critter poofs and is untannable to the rest of the party
we ran into this situation last night
we almost were unable to tan cause the creator noded and the guy with the kill shot
was heading to nork

Brad: hmmm.. well, the current system is setup to require people to be around when the
creature dies.. To fix this party bug, i'm thinking about changing "ownership" of the
party when the party creator nodes. This way, the party will just get a new leader, and
the corpse of the creature will be available to all who participated

Hulk: Does paying skill matter anymore? could lori possibly be tuned down more or have
popping taken away? in my case, my hunts fail b/c ppl are afraid to use good
weapons on her.

Brad: okay 2 questions:
1) Yes, but not like i want it to. It works great unless your fighting near the
gain cap, then it kind of flattens out. I want to change that so its just as effective
on either end
(just havent thought of how yet)
2) I don't think we will be changing lori, she dies all the time, and seems appropriate
for her items. She is supposed to be insanely tough

Garanik: Question is , is it possible for you guys to put in a NPC like you used to do on
the halloween events that can change our character model looks ? perhaps use NPC
icon and or trainer icons , or maybe your trainer could "give" you a new icon that
makes the player look more like his class ? like use monk icons for ma, psi user
npcs forcasters etc, maybe give the players a yellow backround around their name so
that other players can distinguish who is who

Brad: nahhh, why spoil the fun...
BUT.. i wouldnt be shocked if i saw a DISCIPLINE to do it in the future

Terrel: in light of no more chain stunning, lairs are more dangerous. Any chance to look
at allowing crits to regain those lost hps from lairs in nork? i like to help my
friends get gear, but don't like losing perm hits..a hard quest maybe to regain? <G>
and...timeframe on skill cap lifting, and grimoire? G<>

Brad: sec, seperating your "question" into "questions"
1) Although i'm not adverse to that type of change, i'd have to study the implications,
nork hit points arent set up like cobrahn
2) There is a 35% chance that the skill cap will be off in grimoire
otherwise, it will be off in the new scenario.
in A new scenario
There is a lot of coding to be done for skills above 30
And it eats time from other things.

OddIer: Brad, since more equitment/items will be added, will you adjust exp amount or
level gain and skill gain amount?Some people played several years to get around
25-30 so about impossible to get any skill higher than that.

Brad: oddler, i'm afraid i dont understand your question
(can you clarify)

OddIer: Getting high skill is very hard, if you add new items and nastier lairs, can you
make level/skill easier to get?

Brad: ohhh yes
remember, i want 1%/hour minimum skill gain
i guess some similar ratio for experience
I am spending a lot of time on those things right now

Zandolf: Thief skill gains are extreamly slow. is it possible to adjust the gains to thief
skill for backstab? as it now, gains are 5:1. If I wanted weapon skill, I always
can use attack rather than BS. And skilling with mug is boring and not my idea
of fun.

Brad: Zandolf, its DEFINETLY not working the way i wanted. Its 100% due for an overhaul

Zandolf: also, is it possible to get a thief trainer that will train above skill 19 in cob?
seems that 19 is a bit low for a high skill area.

Brad: thats what the chit trainer is for in the guild hall

Relic: Solo skill gain, it seems the game is in the direction of herding players into groups
for skill, leaving the soloist with little or no skill. It makes no sense, being
soloist, we have to do more, but get less currently for our efforts.
if u write a program from head to toe, u know the program in full
if u get a group to write sections, u each know a piece
as it stands now, those that knows the pieces get more skill gain,
will soloist get better treatment in future

Brad: Solo skill gain is many times faster post 15 than it has ever been in the past, so i would
say soloists are doing far better than ever before. That said, however, this is a group
oriented gaming, and the sum of a group is more the sum of its parts
people working together can accomplish more then an individual, and so are rewarded
Party gain is just "not penalizing" people for partying, by giving them the skill of
every kill. The alternative is to penalize them, and that is just not the point of

Mykah: Thanks, Brad are you planning on giving Healers built-in prot against thier own Firestorm,
and Ments built-in prot against their own Shockwave, or giving any new discs, and what
they might be?

Brad: sounds like a good idea shockwave, oddly enough, i had never thought of that.. sounds
kinds obvious though. I'll write that one down

flisk: Will Merchants ever be a "playable" class?

Brad: haha i doubt i will ever have time to do that.. BUT... "MERCHANTING" may soon become very
profitable (=grin)

Darius: Have you done something to tweak the hits lost? Meaning: dying in Evil Nork, I lost
2 of the hp i bought from hit doc; bieng eaten by VT griff, I lost ALL hits I ever
bought. I know that eats cost hits, but ALL, Is this planned, or a bug? ...

Brad: ?

Darius: and back to EN, is the loss of hits intentional now? never used to lose hits before....

Brad: Um, okay.. hits lost in evil nork.. to a lair creature there?

Darius: no, it was just near the water....toward Acid Caves

Brad: hmm that should only happen with a con of < 17 (or is it 16?) there is a chance of hit
loss on a normal death.. you would have to ask a long time player. If its otherwise,
and has been recent, drop me some mail and i'll see what caused it


randy: there might be some lair-type creatures that roam evil nork...the big crossbow guy is
a lair-type, auto strippers are lair-types, etc.

Brad: "lair creatures" do take hit points on drakkarzone.. Will this change? I dont think so,
not for any mean reason, but it does seem to make them available to people who actually
want to hunt the items
oh thats right

Roland: What are the chances of getting webscry back , along with the scores (not that
important , just added another dimension to the game) + Any chance you could make
1 Forums, and let them be accessible via both HHTP or NNTP readers?
any chance of getting the regen in Aleria tweaked up just a bit, always been sluggish,
and Aleria is a great scenerio, just too slow of regen

Brad: 1) Yes, some form of it, with user-allowable "invisibility" (some people object to it)
2) I hope so, i think i'm going to buy an EZBOARD forum on the web, still checking into it
3) Aleria has a level range, im not sure what it is, where its effective. I need to get
some more feedback from people on it though
but yes, if it needs tuning, we will tune it

Drewstr: what are you plans to totally take off lvl/skill caps, give us more gear,
(nork)&(aleria), and give ments another attack disc (enmiss and es), there is
a huge gap between enmiss and Espear, and enmiss is weaker when your larger skilled,
also giving more
chances to increase ep/hp from lvl's, like higher con, or luck effecting it, i would
also like to some form of forums that i can read using outlook, and not having to read
2 different forums
i also feel that ments should be able to gain more disc's, but no more area discs
(BTW) we have enough area discs, as is

Brad: 1) I think we have discussed this already, but yes blowing the cap off the levels and
skills is important2
2) I think we will be seeing some juggling with a direct damage mentalist ability in the
future, something between ESPEAR and ELANCE.. not sure about between ENMISS and ESPEAR
3) Higher con does affect health per level, (and other things), not sure what you mean
4) Forum issue - Covered, i want a single forum also
Do you wish to clarity #3?

Drewstr: i mean, i know 18 con does affect your hp, but can we had other stats that will give
psi classes hp, i know str gives barbs hp, but ments don't get many chances to increase,
and since we have least hp in all classes, i think its fair that we get more
chances to increase hp, even at higher lvl's


Drewstr: huf, huf, and i would like to see a disc between enmiss and espear cause smaller,
skill 10 ments, don't have much fun enmissing things todeath

Brad: HPs are primarily the domain of the fighter classes.. If i give more HPs to the mentalists,
then that means i have to do something else for the fighters .. and it mixes the classes a
bit more than i like

DeathWish: u said u want to blow the top off drak why not just make a NEW game instead?
at what point does drak stop being drak and become well ... a joke? we are
REAL close to that point NOW imo

Brad: so the question is.. why don't i write a new game? I guess because I don't have the time
and want to see my original creation be able to continue for abother 10 years, and keep
higher level people interested, instead of having them quit when there is nothing left
to do.

WhiteDragon: ?one..can I bring a free account from IEN to DZ free account yet? ?two can a
crit on my account that is played by my daughter be transfered to her own account
without messing her crit up or any of my remaining 3?

Brad: 1) No, the free account xfer looks bleak, because we have a hard cost associated with
transfers now (actually takes man hours to do).. not saying never, just saying not
in the forseeable future
2) Currently characters are fixed to their accounts. We may offer a service in the
future (for a fee) to move characters between accounts

Martialarts: How about capping skilling costs on higher lvl chators? And could we please get
MA's Fixed right now they can't hit to good at top of 85% before next skill lvls
missing 3 out of 4 times they call it a learning curve. and Majorin sucks. Cob
items such as Con seed packets and rings can we make them more available?

Brad: 1) Hmm not sure about the first question, would have to dig into more detail. Basically,
skill training costs are "kind" of capped because the skill levels "plateau" , but its
something i'll check into
2) I dont have any info on your second question, i havent noticed it, and their isnt a
reason for it, so if it is occuring, its a bug. I havent been informed by any of my
tester MAs of this problem
3) As far as increasing the availability of items, i dont really know one way or another
(we vary item drops alot to create an economy).. who knows

proxymidget: Will there be anything new added to barbs in the near feature? Such as better
blocking or being able to search while zerked???

Brad: We made some big changes to the barb when we launched DZ,.. but i still here that barbs
get overly pounded.. it appears to be some sort of GAP in the pit.. where high level barbs
are fine, but middle level barbs get pounded and dont have a place to hunt.. there may
be a gap there that needs to be addressed

happytester: Brad any plans for new races/classes and if so can we get a preview?

Brad: probably not in the near future, since its just me doing the programming. I would like
to flush out what we have, and add new content, before tossing in MORE races that need to
be balanced. haha

Joe: on ma sweep and what ever is after that there is a big gap could the learn like claw or
something? I think each senario should have a cap on level/skill.
are u going to let the gambeler give exp ever again? sorry missed my first turn so am
asking 2. what is the skill ratio on what is good like could u tell us about what skills
lev are good for what places, because this is really giving me a hard time.

Brad: hmm
1) MAs are due an ability (since i'm removing the non functional DT), but i dont think
it will be in the low range.
2) I disagree, i dont think EVERY scenario should have level limits. I think it leads
to frustrations
3) The best way to find out where to hunt, is to ask other players.
(They have the best info)

Simone: 1) I'd like to see a locker set up in cob to use for all my cob crits on one account,
to safely transfer gear from one to another. I use guild hall to do this in nork, but in
cob I have to set gearin cob I have to set gear on ground or try and find someone to
hold it for me
2) back to the cob trainer
I have gh and it is a pain in the butt to ungear to go to gh and check skill

Brad: 1) So an account oriented locker

Simone: yes just one in cob

Brad: i'll think about that.

Simone: on the second one maybe making cob gear able to go to gh but not out if you want to
keep skill 19 trainers in gh

Brad: I think, at the moment, that may bemore trouble that its worth simone.. thats why we made
the chit process, so you could store up a lot of training and do it all at once
If we can make THAT process easier, thats what we need to focus on

Simone: I want to be able to check my skill not always need to train

Brad: okay simone, i hear ya

Mars: Simone, there are ways to check your skill while in COB

Simone: how?

Mars: talk to other long time players

Simone: tried that was told it was cheating

Rebekah: I was wondering what you could say about the new scenario coming up - Grimoire? What
year or year range do you think it might come out 2002? 2004-2007? also what size crits
is it for?

Brad: Randy you still here? I'll let you field that one

Rebekah: 2) Clarification: when you said 1%/hour min skill I asume that is if you are in trained

randy: yes, grimoire should come out sometime in 2002

Rebekah: so that would be 0.3% untrained and there are many Cob places where loot is not near
good enough to stay trained..any possibility of increasing coin in some areas?

randy: it will be geared for characters in the 23-25 exp + range

Brad: 2) interesting comment rebek, i guess i mean EFFECTIVE, so if people cant keep up with
training, that would mean i wouldnt have achieved my goals so, i would (possibly) say,
1% min, perhaps subsidized

Rebekah: Lastly, could you check into Seldar hunt there many classes need to be
skill 17, but the skill gain there for skill 17 is totally dismal ..fighters miss SS &
daggers users so much

Brad: k rebek

Buho: 1) ----- Brad: can you start a read/only forum with your "to do" list? Way of have some
knowledge about what will be reworked in the future.
2) ----- And in the kill players thing, for what reason a player can NOT retaliate if
attacked for a PKer and can retaliate if stolen by a thief?
3) ----- Please, can you add some not so hard way for the lil crits being atoned?
4) ----- *IF* the ments will be reworked, can the healers add a blocking disc? We have no
one, only 30 HPs more than ments (HP doc max) and we regen slow when wounded.

Brad: 1) Sounds like a good idea, not sure, but its a good idea
2) A player CAN always DEFEND themselves, but basically players should NEVER KILL OTHER
PLAYERS.. they should ask a sysop, and report the attacker
3) Hmmm interesting idea
4) There will be new discs for bother psionic classes, i have some fresh ideas for them
after talking to some high level varieties of both

scrappy2: when is the implementation of new nork/cob lairs expected or planned? are there any
chi's planned to be added below skill 17 or to be in addition to current +skill 17
chi's, it kinda stinks bein a MA until skill 17+ .... if you look at barbs and
MA's they seem kind of equal at skill rate for getting good abilities but ments and
healers get then alot faster how is this balanced when im a MA? lol

Brad: 1) Not sure, but we have some fresh faced volunteers looking into that
2) Probably not, i'm not of the opnion that all classes have to gain at the same rate, or
be equally advantaged at every state. I'd prefer to add to the top
(MAs are the hardest class to grow)

Cobra: is haste going to be put back on zerked barbs? since pallies can haste with maxstrike and
MAs can haste with RP, and can barbs get a better piece of armor in cob than double yeti?
like another lair in cob eventually with a nice fur

Brad: My "big barb" tester says i should. Let me say, i am seriously considering A CHANGE
here.. although there have been so many combat damage additions to the barb it would
have to be something that is done very gingerly
2) I would like to add a new piece of armor in cobrahn for barbs, yes

Dimitri: when do u think these changes to barbs will be done? they are not in par with
pallies imo

Brad: I cant say when, im not sure.. i just realize that there is an issue there with the haste
that may be 'antiquated' now.. but with the additional fury rounds, and the enforced loss
of control, its a dangerous thing to work with
2) On the barb armor issue, i think we may see something there this month

Emily: How about making a choice of player icons as another paid service level perk? Also, any
chance to make a sort of target dummy or something in SF for people to test their hits
without feeling a need to spar? (such as type #attack target ...and it return a value
in the text widow)...

Brad: 1) Expect this to happen
2) Fighting players isnt equivalent to fighting creatures, so i have resisted this.. plus
sparring is kind of a more fun way of figuring it out
plus, .. hahaha.. i tried to do it a while back and it kept crashing the
game (<=== real reason)

ABKThor1: Could you give us the ability to add categories to friends list so we can keep guild
people etc. seperate and could you improve chi sweep since we don't have specs to help
us get abilities and chi sweep is not very useful at skill 17?

Brad: 1) I want that also. The guy that wrote this is REAL busy with stuff he gets paid for
right now. haha
2) im not sure what to say.. i'll look into CHI SWEEP.. the sweeps and multi attacks arent
really where i want them right now, so who knows there may be some general improvement

Mihey2: Brad, what are the plans for DZ launcher? I am sure you have received several good
suggestions, such as contacts grouping (guildmates...), ignoring an user etc. I would
like to hear your word on this matter. Confortable user friendly launcher would make
Drakkar more enjoyable for both oldtimers and newbies than crude one. Thanks. (phew)

Brad: 1) I love them all, and want to do them all, like i said, we just have to kind of get in
line with the author's real life job.

UFO8myDOG: different colr text in the msg scroll in the game like when u hear shouts,, talk ,,
or get a msg from brad an sysops the game for reset,, black text does not change hard
to see a change ..

Brad: (MIHEY2: I may do ignore user on the backend though a '/' command )

Brad: UFO : Yes, i want that also (text colors, better sysop mesaging) the ability exists, but
is not easy enough to make it a game feature rightnow. I think once draktools
gets ported in some form, we can offer it as a service again

Alleara: Even though the holding of items while dexing is wonderful, it has created a problem
when you die with dead bodies in your hands. Twice now I have done so and cannot
restore and am afraid to slam with the possibility of poofing something. As of yet,
I have not lost any str but the possibility is there

Brad: i BELIEVE that is fixed now.. Went in last version change.. (You can type QUIT now and
have it drop corpses in your hands) have you had a problem since last update?

Alleara: didn't type quit because I didn't know I couldn't...I tried to restore instead

Arithawn: I want to know about the possiblity of P-weapons like for hally users in Nork or Cob

Brad: a power-hally?

Arithawn: yes like a hally or anything else other then LS the only p-wweap is LS and vamps
and staff

Brad: actually thats not true (smile) there are 4 adventurers that searched for weapons to
destroy the snowbeast

Arithawn: correct Saber,vamps,chipper stilletto too

Brad: i consider the snowbeast a "quest" orient kill, so i dont think we will see new weapons
outside the storyline to kill it. I would like to put more efforts towards new content
instead of revisiting 10 year old ones

GoLiWa: sorry if these questions were already asked, but i just got here a little while ago:
1) how is DT disfunctional? it certainly doesn't work well, 2) what kind of ability
are u planning on replacing it with?, 3) as it stands, training costs are about 450 megs
23+ skill...and 900+ megs at 29+ skill any plans on lowering training cap as well?

Brad: 1) well, it basically just doesnt work to any degree i would consider usable, and i spent
about 2 weeks at launch trying to do something with it, and it just sucks, so im going
to replace it with something. I dont know what yet, but am open to suggestion
training is tricky, the chit trainer and the fact he doesnt really have a cap on what he
will take, makes it a difficult question to answer
plus, i consider 29+ kind of "outside" of cobrahn's level range anyway.. haha

Rath: since partying is being encouraged here on dz,i think barbs need to be made more party
friendly,constantly zerking items from ground and running off screen so ya dont kill your
party members is extremely annoying

Brad: wow.. VERY tough subject.. yeah.. its hard to balance the one NEGATIVE with a class, with
making it more "party friendly" so... i dont really have an answer.. once again, open to

GodspeeD: about the mas chisweep can it be beefed at all? my sweep is better thatn chi sweep

Brad: if that is the case, its something that we need to look into (if sweep truely is better
than chi sweep)

Collins: can we reverse the decision to let loot rot with corpse when the kill is made by an
NPC or environment, frustrating in AC or when using p-bow?

Brad: 1) No, but i will definetly be looking into how to make poison,e tc, DROP a corpse if done
by a player

Myacount: Hiya i was thinking better gear can motivate players to keep on going so i was thinking
why not make the alerian wepons a bit more comon or lair crit hold that way people
will be happy and in a way it would be like adding new wepons in one change... and
why not make a marco for the focuses and for bezerk?

Brad: 1) new equipment = good, new lairs = good
2) Good idea

Sitkan: (Milo speaking as Sitkan)Do you have any plans to make it easier for the Warden lair to
be hunted? The majority of the people that have experience there will no longer go
because they cannot regain the skill they may loose.

Brad: 1) No, but expect some nifty new items on them

Jinisis: i want to know if we are still going to have events and when? will you put statpot
traders in nork alt 2 only to raise nork stats to 19? what's wrong with the trap
in vt thief guild trap seller you cant buy the trap?

Brad: 1) we want to have them, but have been obstructed at every turn by circumstances recently
2) never thought about it.. i'll note the suggestion
3) I have no clue, ask others, if they dont know, leave me email, its probably a bug

Drake: If we are told party gives better skill, will a party in an area ever cause regen to
increase automatially? Many in a party tends to kill the regen and we end up standing
around. 2.How about putting in some other random drops that might be sought to ease

Brad: 1) Boy thats a science.. (dynamic regen), i guess thats a long term goal
2) Good idea = new items

Laith: 1) Could we get a gold bar or something that costs 1 mil gp (or even 500k) that can be
transported from cob to nork? for easier transfer of funds

Brad: No - i want to make it as difficult as possible to polute nork.. sorry.. its always been
a disaster when i relax that policy

BosklinEVIL: How does the "Arg" command work? What do i type when? and a side note if crit icons
change barbarians should be at least the size of the trainer if not bigger =O)
(Barbs rule, Pallys drool)

Brad: it works like this : ARG < repeat >

Zenopath: 1) What about possiblity of promotion classes? So that at certain lvl/skill you can
turn your pally into crusader, or a ment into an wizard, and inicially lose a lot
of power at first, but eventually grow to get to new powers and stronger abilities
as an alternative to higher skill cap...
2) Could we have guild unique items like special cloaks, that as a guild we could buy
or quest for? I'm thinking maybe if a guild completes hard quest or gives like 20
megs to a sysop... they could get unique cloak ... *100 megs maybe

Brad: 1) i pitched this earlier on,and got roasted.. you go to the forums and post it, and see
what happens to you (smile)
2) Sounds cool.. with new artwork, who knows

Valarc: many, myself included, enjoy feeling we earned a piece of gear, but for those who play
a mentalist as a primary crit, it is often much later (skill and level-wise, compared to
other classes) before we are useful on a given hunt... if the game is supposedly trying
to be group oriented, are there any plans to make mentalists better in groups, and on
lair hunts specifically? perhaps by improving our prot spells such as abs and es

Brad: yes, let me say, that my view of the mentalist has been rather distorted by time, and I
would expect them to move from being moderate - forever damage dealers to high damage
short term damage dealers (as an option)

brandanpad: Could you add Mino-blood as random treasure through out all lands to regain hit
loses? Less fear of lair hunts! Maybe fix Casino with a exp18 cap?

Brad: no, nork hits dont work like cob hits. i dont wanna mess with the gambler anymore,
lets work on something more fun

Jester: 3 questions
First, back to barb zerked hits... I agree that double hits at level 18 is a bit much,
but barbs are at something of a distinct disadvantage in advanced segments like cob.
Have you seen my suggestion about making zerked hits graduated, start with 50% at level
18, then give them an additional 25% every 4 levels, eg: 75% at 22, 100% at 26, perhaps
capped there or at 125% at level 30? would that be feasable or possible?
And any possibility you could make SoB fur, good armor for barbs?
please can you add Charisma and Luck pots so we can raise those stats, and drak won't
have to be populated by City dwellers?
and last regarding psi mirror items like red robes in cob. The are still broken
with respect to not reflecting the psi damage if the disc is imbued on a weapon like
espear bow, lightening spear, or firestorm mace... it's almost as if the robe is
reflecting something other than the psi damage. I have posted some extensive testing
to the forums on this, have you seen it and where do psi mirror items stand on the
current agenda?

Brad: sorry got booted


Brad: k, someone cut and paste it

Laith: at level 18, then give them an additional 25% every 4 levels, eg: 75% at 22, 100% at 26,
perhaps capped there or at 125% at level 30? would that be feasable or possible? And
any possibility you could make SoB fur, good armor for barbs?
Jester: please can you add Charisma and Luck pots so we can raise those stats, and drak
won't have to be populated by City dwellers?
Jester: and last regarding psi mirror items like red robes in cob. The are still broken
with respect to not reflecting the psi damage if the disc is imbued on a weapon
like espear bow, lightening spear, or firestorm mace...

Brad: 1) its an interesting idea, i think i need to study the barb issues more, and dont know
about any specifics yet

Laith: Jester: ... it's almost as if the robe is reflecting something other than the psi damage.
I have posted some extensive testing to the forums on this, have you seen it and
where do psi mirror items stand on the current agenda?

Brad: 2) We touched on the fact that we hope to add a new armor piece for barbs in cobrahn,
3) Instead of tweaking red robes, i think we may be adding a quest for a slightly more
powerful version, AND reducing the psi level on some creatures, but keep in mind
that the red robe isnt intended to be that powerful of an item
oops missed on

Jester: red robes give reflect msgs from weapons, but you still take the psi damage, they're
still broken in that regard

Brad: 2.5) I think i will be adding more racial diversity (bow does that sound politically
correct) in the future

buho: .char and luck pots, brad you missed that

Brad: no that was 2.5 i dont think im going to be adding more items to make the races
"more similar"


Brad: sure
sorry q&a has to be so terse, but i tried to get as many questions oujt there as we could
basically, the

randy: brad'

Brad: haha
trashing MAs = randy's idea
oh wait, wrong version
sorry guys, anyway, we want to work on adding more items
more quests, more scenarios
and fixing holes in the classes.
now, keep in mind, i dont consider
the fact that class X is more powerful than class Y at a certain level a "hole"
but, if class X truely has issues, then we want to address them
BUT, please remember.. "WE" is just me and randy right now. haha
and thanks for all the great ideas, i have a good list of some stuff to mess with from
and please feel free to chat with me when you see me in the pub, but remember, im also
probably coding in another window (smile)
Oh, and everyone please remember tot hank the sysops for their great, tireless work..
and MARS for this conference

Mars: WHEW <g>
I want to thank Brad and Randy for the work that they are doing

Ragnoker_PHNX :D
"What -- Me Worry?"

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Yes i would love to personalize my character with dependin on what i wore would change how i looked that would be awesome and about what i read that said bring back the table for the pub that would be sweet as well it was cool being able to sit and chat and cuztomize ur avatar and just chat but anywayz thats just my oppinion but laterz

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