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Game Thoughts -> 2018

Post by Brad » Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:23 pm

I always wonder to myself, how to best get fresh ideas from the community without jumping into constant debate. I like to hear fresh ideas, just thrown out, without the expectation of debate of each idea. As our little community continues, its important to ask ourselves

"How do we expand the game now?" (as in game-play and experience)

Its a challenging question.. how do we keep the hop in/hop out, kill something fun of Drakkar, while giving new ways to grow your character. There will always be new levels, new items, etc, but what areas to we push to give a new feeling? The world has moved on from persistent character growth, to arenas and limited duration gaming. Personally, (i realize i am an artifact), this type of gaming has never appealed to me, as i want to see growth. I'd like to keep that feeling with Drakkar.

With IR, we developed some tech to allow for multiple swings per round, boosters, percentage effects, etc.. that added some freshness. We added the concept of side kicked parties, armor that you can give to a lower level player to give them the average abilities of the party members.. etc, But we need more of that.

Honestly, we need a new frontend, one that I won't spend 6 months writing just to have the language deprecated by the manufacturer (Adobe AIR). I've made several false starts (costing a lot of savings) , but I think its time the project gets written in a long term environment (and multi platform environment) such as unity. In order to allow for this though, the old timers among us may have to bite our lips on some of the core game changes that would be necessary (15 creatures in the same hex, etc). We may even have to simplify gameplay quite a bit to reach out to the mobile community (a couple active actions, where we have to select more in a config screen), figuring out ways for text scrolling / reading not to be required, etc). Obviously, with 70 percent and climbing of all gaming moving to mobile, drakkar needs to grow in that direction.

In short, i'm working to look for NOVEL expansion capabilities in the current model, create growth areas that allow for character growth that isn't just exp/skill , and where to take items/drops in a fresh direction. I also want older players to be able to jump back in and have fun with new features/character expansion ideas that don't require weeks of catchup to reach the newest stuff.

So! These are the areas i'm exploring! And as always, i welcome your ideas!


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Re: Game Thoughts -> 2018

Post by Arkon » Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:06 pm

You are right, I for one won't enjoy playing on a mobile device. (Other than my laptop).

The forums on Mobile version are a few years old.

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Re: Game Thoughts -> 2018

Post by godspeed » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:19 pm

I wouldn’t mind a mobile version. As I have no need for, I have no computer these days. Phone and iPad cover all my needs except the Drak urges that I can’t shake. Just popped in to see if anything was cooking in that area.

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