Thoughts on raising caps (double what they are)

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Thoughts on raising caps (double what they are)

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I am still capped at 99/42. These caps have got to be increased, by a lot. The problems of balancing 200/100 characters doesn't seem an issue for IR, since (the following applies to my Thief, Barb, FM and as far as what others tell me only the Mentalist class does not have these issues):

1) I still cannot hit most NPCs beyond the initial areas. [Blocks by weapon and armor on most of the NPCs as you go deeper.]
2) It takes too long to kill standard mobs beyond the initial areas. [Insanely high hits points on the NPCs as you go deeper.]
3) I go down in a puddle of goo way too often beyond the initial area. Going down to Bosses or mini-Bosses, which need to have great rewards is fine with me, just not for the grind fests.
4) Solo play is beyond a grind. Party play was an option in the old days, but not now with the customer base in IR. So my options become rolling up multiple accounts and using 3rd party tools to run the group, which I will not do. That is gaming the system, not gaming for fun.

You can continue to reduce the NPCs or you can increase the PCs. Yin/Yang. The former has helped in the initial areas but can only be applied so far until IR NPCs become too weak. The later is where the fun for players lives; their character's growth.

I can tell that you are trying to address some of these (and other) issues recently, but I thought I should call them out explicitly.

The ever ending chase of becoming a hero in a world of challenges. And the ceiling that can be touched needs higher ceilings. One man's opinion.


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Re: Thoughts on raising caps (double what they are)

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Shucks i thought we had the scaling better. I'll look at it again.

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