85 Weapon Testing Patch 011

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85 Weapon Testing Patch 011

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Hello Brad,
I have yet to see any posts on the 85 weapon with actual numbers for testing, so I figured I would give it a shot.
I tested against snow beast in nork alt 1 to get numbers that would not scroll by the screen before I could write them down. Low AC for higher damage and an easy comparison.
I completed these tests using an 88/40+3 bow/30 mace pally and an 85/35 bow/39+3 mace pally. Both used an 85 bow and an 85 mace. All were used with just attack command, not maxstrike or armorstrike.

The 85 mace numbers came out to this with 10 hits each:
88/40 mace pally: 21378, 19663, 19852, 10548, 20215, 20332, 12012, 13224, 8758, 13126 for an average of 14110.8 damage per hit.
85/39+3 mace pally: 10042, 9415, 17452, 8182, 8447, 7623, 10182, 8221, 9915, 16853 for an average of 10633.2 damage per hit.

The 85 bow numbers came out to this with 10 hits each:
88/40+3 bow pally: 13777, 8314, 11443, 8931, 8741, 19895, 6948, 23171, 15329, 7647 for an average of 12419.6 damage per hit.
85/35 bow pally: 8429, 10193, 2822, 6266, 6719, 10632, 9891, 5131, 7087, 6051 for an average of 7322.1 damage per hit.

Compared to using Mama Rd and snowbeast as test subjects for spear and broom:
88/41 staff pally using spear on snowbeast: 9777, 17407, 17228, 12013, 9656, 11901, 10883, 18805, 10385, 11915 for an average of 12997
88/41 staff pally using spear on mama rd: 9518, 10489, 14829, 16227, 11407, 8555, 18779, 19492, 9473, 10975 for an average of 12974
85/39 staff pally using broom on mama rd: 11445, 11715, 12633, 12399, 22529, 20750, 9865, 12383, 13384, 20113 for an average of 14721

All testing was done while in party with max melee damage party ability.

Broom and Spear seem to have had their damages swapped due to one of the patches.

Damage using spear on snow beast and mama rd were virtually the same. And since 85 weapons cannot hit mama rd and broom cannot hit snow beast, I am going to use them as an even comparison for this.
Broom average damage is 14721 for an 80 sdc3 required item.
Nerfed Spear average damage is 12997x12974/2= 12985.5 for an 85 very rare required sdc3 item.
Bow at 85 is 7322.1 average damage. Bow at 88 is a 10633.2 average damage. Making it 1103.7 damage increase per level.
Mace at 85 is a 10633.2 average damage. Mace at 88 is a 14110.8 average damage. Making it an 1159.2 damage increase per level.

If the trend continues, then at lvl 90 (whenever we can reach 90) the average bow damage will be around 12840.6 average damage.
The average mace damage, if the trend continues, will be around 16429.2 average damage.
This will mean at level 90 the average bow damage will still be worse than nerfed spear and broom.
At lvl 90, the mace (and the rest of the weapons are similar) passes spear at 88 (12951.6 average at 87), but does not surpass broom until lvl 89.

Using these numbers brad, the 85 weapons (including spear) need to be boosted, especially bow. Bow has the 1k dot on it that does almost nothing and I, personally, would rather have the damage match the other 85 weapons compared to a random 1k dot.
At 85, the 85 weapons are not worth using unless you do not have a spear or a broom.
At 86, the 85 weapons are still not worth using if you have a spear or a broom.
At 87, the 85 weapons besides bow can be used, but it will not pass the spear or broom.
At 88, the 85 weapons can be used over the nerfed spear, but not broom.
At 89, the 85 weapons can be used over spear and broom, except for bow.
At 90, the 85 weapons will be the best current weapons, except for bow, which will still be under spear and broom.

The 85 weapons should be used over an 80 required broom, and match an 85 required spear (which does not do as much damage as it used to) at 85 or 86.
85 required weapons need an increase or another variation of them dropping with a higher lvl requirement such as 87 required, but starting at 89 damage 85 weapons at 87. So at 87, the damage of an 87 required weapon would do the same damage as an 85 weapon at level 89.

85 Weapons need to have average damages increased by a minimum of 3k at 85.
85 Bow needs to have dot removed, and damage increased by minimum of 5k at 85.
The damage increase as you level could stay the same in my eyes.

The only way the 85 weapons don't need increased, is if you plan on adding lvl 87 weapons on gold or black plate area, but they currently drop 85 required weapons.

Thank you for your time reading this brad, and I look forward to testing for you. If you need more testing or more numbers, just let me know.

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Re: 85 Weapon Testing Patch 011

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I'd like to second the above mentioned motion

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