Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by Darge » Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:28 pm

Ken wrote:How about a helm that boosts the damage that Psionic Damage attacks deal?

If I may suggest a graphic to use if you don't have an unused graphic in mind, could it look like either the Power Helm from Nork or the Evil Helm from Aleria?


Brad has enough unused assets like this to give every item from sdc through SK a unique graphic.
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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by Cobra » Thu Apr 07, 2016 3:51 pm

Melee items currently used:

Earring - lvl 40 1/1 or lvl 40 +100 hps. - Unless there's a different one that hasn't been found, new earring does nothing for melee
Helm - Lvl 60 5/5 +100 hps. Clickable for another +200 hps
Sash - lvl 30 7/0 +3 attacks +3 str - New sash isn't an upgrade
Gauntlets - lvl 65 5/0 +5 str

Boots have been upgraded. I know at least a new amulet drops, it is also one of the most recently upgraded slots pre-sk.


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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by Tirith » Sun May 08, 2016 6:25 pm

Can we see a fix in the drop rates?
Of the two ammies, the cleric ammy drop MUST be broken, it hasnt been found since day 1.
Sashes need a small bump.
Bracers do NOT drop in para at all.
IF captains are supposed to have a chance to drop, it may be broken, we've killed captains at least 300 times and have not seen anything drop from them besides what they always drop.
How long must we wait for green captain to get his drop?
Will the halberd ever get some sullen love?
and How about an end lair in sullen?

Update on loot drops. If cleric ammy gets fixed, ments don't get a new ammy. If it doesn't, then psi altogether need some love.
Upgraded helmets? robes? rings? shield? I'd like to see some sort of MA sandle, allow them to get foot blocks.

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by Tirith » Sat May 14, 2016 2:15 pm

We also need a non-ma gauntlet drop, currently still lvl 65 gaunts, almost as bad as the lvl 60 helm.

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by Tirith » Fri May 20, 2016 8:15 pm

In light of recent additions, i want to put some focus on gear thats lacking to hopefully guide us in the future

Non-MA gauntlets
Melee earring
amulet for mentalists (please? everyone else gets something!)
a hally?
maybe some lvl 95 weapons all around with better graphics
new rings with better graphics as well please
new robes...

that would pretty much make sullen keep complete!

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by Thes » Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:05 am

Most have already been mentioned

Non - MA Gaunts would be good. Would appreciate them hitting harder than a wet noodle along with stats! Maybe on par with throwing tanto? Last gaunts were 65 as stated

Melee earring - Either you have christmas present or you are stuck with 1/1 or 75 hp earring, both available at lvl 40

Robes - Most everyone wears laz, spur. Spur are ok, laz is kinda outdated but has good stats. Would like something that can help cut tier damage, this would be a good spot for it

Neck - Just need some sort of ep regen one for ments and healers (that dont want to use the super cool healer neck). Last was 65/75 cant remember

Rings - Lvl 75 for last ones. First lvl was gnomes, second was ice titan, maybe give them lvl 3 of inflation and ablation? Would be even better if both were on same lvl rings so ments stay alive a bit better but that is wishful thinking Im sure

Sash - Melee type sash upgrade with + attacks, + damage, + accuracy, combat adds would be good. The current sash is good combat adds, but it says only custs psi. Well nothing in sk uses psi, only tiers and it doesnt cut those so its kind of worthless to a degree. Maybe add lightning, fire, ice ablation to the current sash?

helm - new current helm is nice. Combines both good helm effects mostly

Boots - current ones are good

Bracers - all 3 current and good

Shield - not many use a shield but could use love if any pallys do? Id use one on my barb if you could do something about the item zerking like I put in my other thread about post 40 skills :)

Weapons - only ones that dont have an upgrade is ss. I know one was just added sometime recently, but its damage is a bit weaker than should be. I tend to stick to 1h on barb anyway because of item zerking. The target friendly thing was a great change for skill 40, just need the item zerk changed.

Couple other suggestions

Twig hunting in lava city/ozo/koro seems outdated. Maybe add twigs to new boss? Or something else to upgrade weapons with instead of backtracking to old scenario. Also a cap would be nice, like 3-5 upgrades max. Some ocd people like myself might continue farming forever, never giving a chance to work on alts! Or as some have said make it like the improva trader. Item drops off boss, increases weapon damage and blocking, changes graphic. Then maybe just disable adding twig benefits to these new weapons? Or again give them a max twig benefit. Never like going back to old scenarios in games for farming items for current scenario personally.

Same thing with armor boosts and water level/monkey slaying. See above with boost max

Bigger stat bottles that give +1 to all stats would be cool and maybe take everything to 40? Current ones are just so random

If this boss is like the previous captains, maybe always have him drop the weapon he is holding? Give them upgraded graphics, same weapon types as current(and add in the hidden one, possibly other 2 missing weapons), but more combat adds than current? Also making them power weapons like killers would be beneficial.

I might add more posts if I can think of other suggestions

Add in the thing from koro about upgrading quirks? Not sure how useful they really are but getting to koro to work on them is a pain with stat loss from ozo, no one wants to do them anymore

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by Serefin » Mon Aug 15, 2016 1:48 pm

Rings - It'd be hard to go off of what we currently have without making an all in one version of ice titan rings? Which sounds like an AMAZING drop from the new boss.

Robes - We all know we need something here, could throw mix and match it with the rings if you don't want an all in one, we still need the resists so giving up titan rings and spur robes is bad without adding in the resistances somewhere else.

Weapons - Seems good, the halberd was a nice addition, the low end damage on it is a little extreme, 4k hits on a 95 barb in party seems low. I know halberds have the highest variable in damage, but 4k is wide when you hit for triple that with other weapons consistantly and there is not really any benefit of hitting off hex anymore at the level you need the item at.

Boots - Gold captain ones are great, not sure why the random green capt ones are 12/12 level 90 req you should remove those from greens table if you haven't already, since if you can kill green you can kill gold.

Sashes - I guess they are good, not really sure what benefit the psi cut gives in NL, makes great to have an upgrade from lanapi though, barbs are still using GK sash from cob and theives still using Laz sash from cob, so maybe think about adding something in to make them want to gives up their cob items.

Armor - Amazing, if you could make the Bone Plate sackable that would be nice though.

Bracers - Regen is AMAZING, Armor seems good, Strike seems like the red headed stepchild... 1150 damage adds up but isn't really that good we hit as high as we do, maybe add something like a little hp regen to them or up the damage on them? Also seems you have different versions of these in the game, previous ones are higher damage.

Gloves - It would be nice to have new ones for each class, that instead of just giving flat stats and adds, maybe gives atks for damage classes and regen for others.

Amulets - Amazing all around, I would suggest an ep regen neck for ments, but I think you should do something along the lines of healer/fm neck for them instead for diversity. I'm just not a fan of seeing a ment be able to consistantly dump all tiers and never have any EP problems. If you give them free access to unmitigated damage, you should bring back resistances, since melee still have to deal with armor and weapon blocks.

Helmet - Basically just 10/10 nin helm for certain crits until what we discussed gets fixed.

As for other things I see posted here, flowers, twigs, etc give us a reason to go back, the stat potion drop rate is high enough for what it gives in my opinion, i've seen tons drop randomly, if you increase the drop rate it would be an influx, which we don't want.

Barb tiers need to be revamped... Blood rite of the wolf and bear are too short of a duration that most I see still use EC over them as well as almost everyone else i've seen. The damage bonus from Wolf is only like 30-40 more than Enraged Cry which lasts 10000000000000x as long as it. The bonus on bear is good but the duration is still so short. Duration increase could be used on both wolf and bear, and their recasts are still rediculously too long.

Also the survival trainer and lockers... that actually sounded like a great idea, even started the price up steep, idk if I would go as steep as you said Brad, but I would definetely start quite a bit higher and end around that area. We need a gold sink.

Lastly, make the mobs in caves targettable by arg please. The proning is great, it stops what it needs to stop, but it is still annoying as hell not to be able to arg them.

All the levels are extremely balanced and challenging now.

Good Job since Feb, and good job on being fast to fix issues we've found ASAP!

Also note, healers don't have EP regen issues, so no need to add an ep neck for them, aa works fine when we don't use the other one, and with combination items (which allow you to be more diverse in what you do, i.e. sullen regen, sullen insight II), there is no ep problem.

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by max|pic » Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:03 am

Lets try and remember this post :|
1) how about a new ep regen ammy for ments to replace AA ammy. AA ammy was 6/6 +35 ep regen? don't feel like checking. How about a +0/10 +10 int, +500 ep regen ammy to help ments out
2) a replacement to chipper staff for ments. Instead of 15% off of casting spells, 15% off of casting tiers and +150 ep regen with good blocking and a boost to damage that stacks with totems, right hand slot only.
3) a healer offensive staff for right hand that offsets most ep regen lost to healer ammy and has better damage and higher ep regen than totems, right hand only as well.
4) Instead of 6 rings Ablation, Inflation, Fire, Ice, Lightning. Just make it all into 1 Super ring - we have had I and II. So Elemental Ring of Awesomeness III.
5) 8 New robes each with different designs- 3 melee, 3 psi, 1 thief only, 1 MA only.
1st- Offensive Melee Robe - +10 Strength and Agility and like +15/0, Prot Acid, +200 HP Regen
2nd-Defensive Robe Robe - +10 Con and Willpower and like +0/15, ProtAcid,+1000 HPs
3rd- Mix Offensive/Defense Robe- +5 to all stats 7/7 Robe, ProtAcid, +100 HP Regen, +500 HP
4th - Thief Only- +15 agility and +15/0, +300 HP/EP regen, bonus to hide
5th- Healer only- +10 Wisdom, +5 strength, +5 con, +6/6, +400 ep regen
6th- Ment only- +10 Int, +5 con, +5 willpower, +0/8, +800 Ep regen
7th- Any Psi- +5 int, wis, con, will, +0/10, +300 ep regen, protacid
8th- MA only- +10 agility, +10 con, +10 strength, +10/10, +500 damage on each attack, +1000 HPs

6) a party window age display. Next to health of party members, it says how old party members are. Young, Old, Very Old, Ancient. or Y, O, VO, A

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by Bubolacteus » Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:18 pm

I second all of the above. In addition, if no new drops for combo items (rings/ammies/earrings/sashes) how about quests similar to alt2 norken quests or cob forged/improva quests that result in combo items, e.g., nin helm + sk helm to improve stun prot ( I recently upgraded to the sk helm and find my f/m getting stunned more with it than with nin helm but the rest of the sk helm adds are sweet).

would also like to see an amber ss that improves on the killer ss, or possibly an amber ss that can be quest improved to combine killer and amber. maybe something similar with multiple sk armors so a) don't just have old armors taking up locker space or b) combine field and bone plates to improve each and get rid of all those extra pages :) maybe base the type of output for different classes based on holding in right hand or left hand (if field held in right output is improved field; if bone held in right hand output is bone)


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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by seiyria » Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:01 pm

I want a piece of gear that comes with a passable level of sense. I want to be able to see where my twigs go. Give me an earring that just has sense on it (@ sk 30, 40, or something useful!), and I'll use it. I'd even swap out a ring, or sash. Maybe gloves. I don't care, just give me something that has a decent level of sense on it (and please just make it infinite or make it common and have a lot of charges).

I wouldn't mind actual gains on the gear as well (ie, just tack sense on to a sullen insight earring or something?), but sense is important. Partly because as a healer I don't have a good source of sense, and, yeah, lots of twigs.

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by seiyria » Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:12 pm

much like icetitan rings can boost fire, ice, lightning (or negate it), it would be nice to have disease/poison rings (maybe one of each). you could add some disease/poison attacks to other areas that are actually effective (they cast hem fever + thief tiers) so it would makes sense to have both inflation and ablation rings (this would give a thief something to wear)

for completions sake, you could also add earthcrush rings of both variety

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by Brad » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:35 pm

Keep these coming guys, think them through carefully.

I luv em

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by curiousredmonkey » Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:12 pm


If you could comment on why some ideas would work and why other would not, then that will allow better ideas to be brought forward. Otherwise, any suggestions I/others make is a shot in the dark and basically worthless. A lot of ideas that people suggest might be great, but do not fit in your model, code base, and future plans.

Why an idea would not work is just as valuable to me as why one would.


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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by curiousredmonkey » Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:37 pm

I would like to see more drops like the Sullen Keep short bow. It has a Tier on it that while not that powerful (1k damage/round when it triggers), shows the possibilities for all future weapons. Especially, in the current world of NPCs that are hard to hit. I would like to see more weapon drops like it.

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by curiousredmonkey » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:52 pm

I would like to see Obsidian needles, with exotic toxicity. They tied upon the touch.

A highly skilled thief can find a chink in any armor. The needles can be thrown or backstabbed with. They break upon throw, digging deeper into the flesh of the NPC, doing damage continuously until the creature dies. When charging (2x) or backstabbing (8x) with one, they do more damage per round than when thrown, but always break into the flesh. The high level thief is the only one who can use them because of their arcane and subtle dark nature.

These are random drops. But they can also be created by the very high leveled thief, once per hour. Use brewing, a tier, or an arcane ability to create them. It doesn't matter. Since there are no brew pots in Refuge I would not use brewing for now.

If an NPC has a high hit point regen then you never see the damage, even though it is there. The more needles that are embedded the greater the damage. They stack and are permanent.

They are independent of which player placed them in the flesh. However, each thief gets their share of XP when the creature dies, so each embedded needle should have the user ID on it. Unlike currently, where only 1 thief at a time can use high level thief tiers upon 1 NPC at a time - they override each other's tiers.

If NPCs eventually have them as weapons, then the only escape is death. No healer or mentalist or class can alleviate their effect. For now.

Begs the idea of a Lair creature and a new class of NPCs, based upon Porcupines. However these are Obsidian Erethizontidae and live around volcanoes or lava flows, so expect other nasty fire plane creatures as company. A lair creature that shoots them would be nasty indeed.
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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by curiousredmonkey » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:07 pm

I don't know if you are considering a new line of armor and defensive gear as suggestions. But I would enjoy seeing Regenerative Gear. My thought is that it is gear that can repair itself.

Future scenarios will be nastier and will need better equipment, so hostile areas and creatures that rust, melt, and dissolve your equipment. However, this equipment can never be broken and over time (in a safe area) the gear will repair itself. Once we find or make the super-duper regen gear then no need to leave an advanced area, since it repairs itself faster than it can be damaged; keep fighting.

Once the regen gear is at max capacity again it begins to work on the character; healing them, curing them, giving them buffs, making them young, etc. Think Primal Form and Dark Form gear that does not age or decay. And if given enough time it will turn the character "very young" again. This is a constantly moving needle for some classes, but the idea should be clear. This gear is regenerative to itself and the character.

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by curiousredmonkey » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:19 pm

I really enjoy the Sullen Keep weapons that scale. Would love to see this continue in Refuge drops. As a excitement, each Refuge weapon could have a unique arcane ability and tier placed upon it. If there comes a day when we have 200/75 characters, then scaled items fit nicely in this picture. A favorite familiar heirloom that grows with you, for years.

I would also like to see Refuge weapons of all types, including Axes, Halberds, and any others that have fallen by the way side. I and others have max skill in these area, but have not been able to use them in quite a while.

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Re: Top 10 Random Loot Drops You'd like to see

Post by seiyria » Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:51 am

Lets see some more weapons that do armor breaking. Or maybe some weapons that still do some damage (in the form of disciplines) when armor blocked, or even on hit. It's been a long time since we had firestorm weapons, excally, etc. Maybe a staff that does earthcrush on hit. Greatsword that does lightning, bow that does elance, halberd that does corspray. I don't know, but we haven't had anything like this for a while that we regularly use - closest thing is the DoT that comes from the SK bow.

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