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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:51 am 

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Hello Brad,
I am the first person with both Elance on a ment and three elance robes on my barbarian on the 2nd account and through testing elance robes are worthless if not broken, especially for what you need to beable to endure in cob. My barbarian went into Elance scaler and was the first person to kill him even though he was oneshot multiple times, i was able to endure to kill her. I did this because Freddie, a skill 29 thief, lost his gear due to not being able to hide from her without agility/aid. I later went in and tested her with 2 elance robes on and immediately 1shot with an elance. After the skill 29 thief was able to get my ment an elance robe to get elance disc on the ment i tested elance on my barb.
The numbers were very similar the average hits without any elance robes on were between 1000 and 1500 with a big hit of 1700 and low of 800 or so.
The numbers with 3 elance robes on were between 800 and 1000 with a low hit of 600 and a massive hit of over 2000. The elance robes obviously do not help, especially in Challenge cob where they are needed to take a oneshot elance from elance scaler and lori.
To this end it would also be nice if a thief could hide from lairs when they oneshot zerked barbarians. When a skill 29 thief with aid/agi, base 22 agi, max weapon conceal cannot hide from lori or several other lairs how are we supposed to get our gear back??? Thieves cannot even hide on UD4, not that anyone can solo UD4, but some of the things are abit beyond challenging.
Any lair thus far could almost oneshot anyone but a zerked barbarian, but now that elance scaler and lori can oneshot a zerked barbarian and nin can almost do it with thieves not being able to hide from them what are we supposed to do?
Groups do not work very well because as soon as one person gets oneshot there are less and less prones on the lair and soon another person gets oneshot and its a wipe.
I am all for challenges and enjoy challenge cob, but getting oneshot on ud2 by a quazi through nin armor on my ment or beetle fullplate if i play my pally is beyond challenging. UD5, i get, should be extremely hard and almost impossible to hunt, but my lvl 33 barbarian cant even solo the middle room of ud1 without dieing.
Challenge nork/cob is also a smaller player base of nork and without both things being toned down alittle bit and the level max being upped we have no real hope of killing sas or vani, let alone hope to kill laz and of all things lanapi. Myself and chug, a lvl 50 barbarian, tried to duo lori and wiped twice thanks to her awesome elances which might just oneshot people considering the other barb had 3k hps and died before i even went upstairs. Another group consisting of Kidd and Jade tried to kill lori to the same ending. It is impossible to get everyone on at the same time ocnsidering there are a total of 6 or 7 playing Challenge cob hardcore with multiple accounts and about another 6 or 7 currently in nork unable to survive cob.
Thank you for your time and i hope others post on this to give their comments about how challenge cob is going so that you have enough information to tweek cob to be survivable and enjoyable but still challenging.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:33 am 

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The life of a thief in challenge cob is hide and throw/shoot (if you are in an area where you can even hold something in hand and not be seen). If you are seen, you are dead. Backstabbing is pretty much gone unless you're in a party with many other people to share the beating. I like being able to backstab on my thief. I added a lot of quirks to make his backstab do some decent damage. Right now, if we can hide we kill very slow. In the tougher areas where you are seen even empty handed, you are forced to use venom, poison, disease. These are very slow and ineffective ways to kill.


PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:50 am 

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On the subject of thieves not being able to hide i don't think justice was done to just how ridiculous it is there's 2 main thieves in cob skill 29 and skill 24 both have at least a 20 base agility heres a mini list of things neither of them can hide from.

UD3 on hex, UD4, UD5, Upper levels of Psi tower, Mr. A, Lori, Graagh, Green dragons, Giant King

That's all i can think of off the top of my head there's some worse ones than that even but i think everyone can agree that a skill 29 thief should be able to hide from all of those maybe excluding ud5.

Lairs could also be scaled back a bit because the only hope is 4 out of the 5 barbs all being on at the same time to do the harder lairs......... but thieves not being able to hide is biggest injustice at the moment in my opinion harhar

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