Who are Zzuppa and Gorflog?

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Who are Zzuppa and Gorflog?

Post by Irin » Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:45 am

There are two npcs in Timmy Town that I am dont remember what their jobs are. Both are in the south section, one is Zzuppa who says "I can only work on Robes" when you click on him. The other is Gorflog who says "I will only speak to pure mentalists".

What are their roles? I have read hints that Gorflog teaches Elance to mentalists. Is this who you have to trade your elance robe to for the discipline? Will be teach it to FM as well?

Is Zzuppa some kind of padder like Merton, only for robes? What robes will be pad if so and what are the perks?

Im trying to compile Quest info for Cobrahn and these two are leaving me stumped.

Another quick question while I have the floor... its been so long since ive been to the Giant's Keep in Cob. I recently went to Doom Town in crazy cob and am unable to go through the portal to the Keep. I get stuck in the doorway and have to twig out as it wont even let me move back to the town. What do I need to do to get inside the keep? Is this an issue because I am using the CC portal to get to Doom in Crazy and havent done a prereq. to get inside the Keep?

Thank you for any answers.

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Re: Who are Zzuppa and Gorflog?

Post by Migam » Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:47 pm

Try holding a robe and click Zzuppa, it will tell you what robe it wants. You hold that one and it says It's already fixed so I'd say it's some bug repair NPC like Fixer for old gear issues. I never used it and doubt I need to.

Gorflog gives elance disc to ments only. It tells my small ment "Get more skillful first" and tells my FM "Go pound sand" (I'm kidding on the wording). FMs wanting it go ment path, wait til after getting elance to dedicate to FM. There is a level cutoff to dedicate, either 20 or 21 so you have to make sure not to rest past this unless you plan to stay ment or go thru eats/fates to shed exp (I think that works like that).

As far as Doom town issues, remember, Ccob is a totally different Cob and you have to do every Cob quest required all over again. That's CC access, Pillar Dance, Hp quests and some not to be mentioned here. If you go to Doom Town using any other method besides running to pillars and doing the Twist, you will get stuck either on the hp doc side or the town, wherever you got in. When I got stuck on Ccob town side, I crossed my fingers, entered pillars and slammed. On the Ccob hp doc side, I had to twig out. It pays to always keep a tree twig so you can twig and leave for Nork and a Timmy twig to switch back to normal Cob. Being stuck at Conqueros is annoying.

Edit: I forgot to add the obvious. The twigs for both Cobs work in both Cobs but don't cross Cobs. You can Go Crazy, drop twig and end up someplace you're not enchanted for. This is not like dropping an alt2 twig in alt1 and ending up in alt2.
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Re: Who are Zzuppa and Gorflog?

Post by Irin » Fri Nov 11, 2011 3:27 pm

Thanks for the npc info Migam.

I need to run the pillars again is what it sounds like, thanks!

I found out the hard way a couple weeks ago about the quests having to be done again. About 1 minute of being in crazy for the first time, I twigged to CC and moved and ended up at Conqueros. I went down the stairs without thinking of where I was. ;) Lesson learned in the most extreme way possible. :p

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