Items for stat potions

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Items for stat potions

Post by tomodachi »

I know that the item for the STR potion comes from Timmy Caves but what about the rest? Anyone have a list handy of where to hunt for the drops?

I believe that the AGI potion item (ring) drops from ninjas in the desert, but does that mean any ninja in the desert? Also, something in specter lair? Which mobs and is it anywhere in the lair area?

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Re: Items for stat potions

Post by Terrel »

Will items drop from ....specters? Cedarville (below Juntes) Or is that cons? Hmmmm.

Int drops are from skel...turnip looking sewers

Wis are from sapphire chips in pillars..don't recall which mobs drop them

Any ninja? Believe so

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