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Post by dhavin »

I hereby begin a petition to keep the land of Cobrahn "crazy". Namely the recently implementation discussed here: ... 101&t=7516

Reply (honk!) if you love the new Cobrahn!

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Re: Petition!

Post by Jimbo33 »


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Re: Petition!

Post by Lunatic »

BEEP BEEP! Love it, and want more? "yes i do"

Huzzah!....if you love the new "Crazy Cobrahn"

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Re: Petition!

Post by edfrmfla »

honk , honk

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Re: Petition!

Post by Migam »

Only if there are 2 Cobs, you'd get my Honk.

Smaller players especially those new to Cob complained in Main and were told "it's only for 2 days". Now to say it's permanent?
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Re: Petition!

Post by Darge »

Make "insane cob" a feature of gh access (lgh or ugh) as a separate server.

As an added perk (ridiculous gains aside), gives top end players separate lair spawns so that low end players can get gear they need without worrying about someone farming for water scroll, or yp's.
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Re: Petition!

Post by Logic2 »

Yes, keep crazy cob either on an alt 2 cob or as permanent cob. I have had so much fun getting killed and working in a party. completely awesome. Need donations for a 2nd server Cob ?

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Re: Petition!

Post by Brad »

Actually, i'm experimenting running drakkar in VMs.

Will open up some possibilities if it works.

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Re: Petition!

Post by Bubolacteus »

Honk - Honk

only tweak i would like to see is on liminv - seems like crits i could pass in normal Cob now see me and whack me. Makes gear recovery much more difficult, and with no skill/exp while invisible, seems overkill. but if that is price of insanity - will try to learn to live (pun intended!) with it :)

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Re: Petition!

Post by Cheese »

Brad, get ahold of me if you're seriously interested in virtualizing servers, I may be of some assistance.

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Re: Petition!

Post by Acaciam »

Cob/alt1/etc just feels slow. The current round timers worked great on a packard bell and a 4 bps modem in the 90's.
I would for sure repay an account if we had not so much the double skill/exp but just a faster paced cob.

As far as the crazy cob, doing this on a semi-regular basis would be very attractive.

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Re: Petition!

Post by hadron »

I definitely support keeping Cobrahn fast, and would like to see a faster Aleria too. I would actually hunt Aleria if it were at alt2 speed; as it is I have been there a few times and do not intend to go back except for lairs/quests. (Crits that can burn/sweep the caves may not care as they don't need as many rounds.)

When I paid, a big factor in that was a player telling me that alt2 was twice as fast as what I was playing. That was great and a benefit of subscribing. I was disappointed on finding that after getting a fast world the other paid ones would be slow again. By the way, alt2 is actually four times as fast (1.5 second a average round timers as opposed to 6 seconds). That's why everything else feels *really* slow.

On the other hand, I could do with or without it staying "crazy." In lower-level places like Timmy, forest and desert, I think the double rewards make up for the more cautious hunting required, but there are more places I might not even go now.

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